Our Social Responsability

Our Farm, developing its principles of Corporate Social Responsibility has tried to maintain gender equality among its workers so that both men and women have the same job opportunities, so half of our employees are women and the other half are mens.
Also, we are a company that seeks to contribute to environmental protection, through strategies such as waste management, motivation and provision of collective transport service, the contribution of bike riding safety items like lights and helmets. On the other hand, our human resources area is responsible for making saving campaigns on water and energy uses, as well as landscaping campaigns, where employees participate in planting trees for environmental preservation. It should be added, the importance for the company's good management of special wastes such as chemicals, so it is responsible for paying for incineration, so that there is no damage to the environment.
As for the welfare of our employees, we provide through integration activities such as the family day, sunny day, the school kits for children of workers, subsidies for study, discussions with different experts for personal growth seeks to promote the value of family, integrity and personal growth. With this we want our workers to feel happy to come to work every day, grow as human being and feel that the company cares about them.

Community Responsibility :

companies are framed in a social and community environment that can benefit from their activity if they become aware of their importance . If companies contribute to the positive development of the communities where they are located, the company also benefits, improves your public image, their community prestige increases and social networks more immediately becomes a solid ally

Responsibility for the market :

customers and clients are one of the actors most directly affected by activity Business. It is the responsibility of companies to maintain standards quality in its products and services , contributing policies transparency for the market to have a full guarantee of it.

3- Responsibility for the workplace:

following companies , above all , what we find are people. Measures to reconcile work and family, offer courses and training, reducing overtime or maintain a cordial and respectful treatment in all aspects are corporately responsible.

Now let us see , then, how this is put into practice by companies internationally recognized for their good practices. Can that from today you look with new eyes the brands you choose 

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